Papal Endorsements

Pope Paul VI, John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Pope Francis have all had positive comments regarding Cursillo and it's special charism around the world

Pope Paul VI

When meeting the Cursillistas in 1966, Pope Paul VI commented that

 “Cursillos de Cristiandad, that is the word, purified through experience, affirmed by its fruits, that today travels with citizenship papers throughout the world . . .

“Whether some methods become obsolete, whether new manifestations of the Spirit arise, the permanent task of the layman will continue to be the infusion of Christianity into life through the encounter and personal friendship with God and in communion with his brothers.

The layman, upon forming himself in Christianity, reforms his mentality and conforms his life to Christ’s image by means of faith, hope and charity; acting with complete responsibility he transforms the temporal structures in which he is immersed, guided in his action by the glance of Christ he continually tries to remake the world according to God’s plan and design . . .

“We know that in your plan of spirituality and apostolate in the Cursillo Movement the ‘Sensus Ecclesiae’ (mind of the Church) is the guiding light that orients you . .

. “Beloved sons and daughters: Our soul is so oppressed by the vision of the evils which afflict the Church and mankind. But permit us to express our overwhelming joy that, at this moment, floods our soul before the immense chorus of your manly faith in Christ, your fidelity to the Church, your fervent loyalty to this Chair of Peter and to the ministry of the episcopal hierarchy.

“Cursillos de Cristiandad! Christ, the Church, the Pope, are counting on you!” 

Pope John Paul II

 In 1980 Pope John Paul II, addressing the first National Italian Ultreya in Rome said,
“Your movement, which recently celebrated its thirtieth anniversary, devotes itself to drawing forth from Christians a commitment to live lives consistent with their faith whether individually or as a community – and to bring this ferment to the environments where you live. “
You have discovered anew the explosive truth of the evangelical message: God, Father of all, comes to us as we encounter him in Jesus Christ to reunite us through the grace of the Spirit in one family which is the Church. “In her we are truly able to experience even now the love which will be the inexhaustible fountain of eternal joy in heaven.
Here then is the synthesis of all of Christianity. This is the news that all human hearts hope for without realizing it. Therefore dedicate yourselves more and more to being tireless apostles in your environments. “
My apostolic blessing goes with you as a pledge of this divine grace which enables you to live forever.” 

Pope Benedict XVI

 Pope Benedict XVI teaches on the subject, in his message of May 22, 2006, how

"over the centuries, Christianity has been communicated and disseminated through the newness of life of individuals and communities able to provide an effective witness of love, unity and joy, "the force that has set into ‘movement’ so many people for generations.

Has it not been the beauty that the faith has generated in the faces of the saints which has prompted many men and women to follow in their footsteps?

In the end - concluded the pope - this applies to you: through the founders and initiators of your movements and communities you have glimpsed the face of Christ with a singular brightness and you started on your way ".


Pope Francis

Today’s society presents to the enculturation of the Gospel; but I trust that your audacity and apostolic fervor – born of a personal encounter with self and with Christ – will lead you to make history for the good of all. So that, many brothers and sisters, marginalized or not, who live on the fringe may feel embraced by the love of Jesus.

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