National Day of Discernment Noddfa 2019

National Day of Discernment 2019


My first day at Cursillo’s Day of Discernment 


As we arrived at Noddfa there was a feeling —this is going to be a lovely time!
The joy of a friendly face as we were greeted by other members of Cursillo— and also the lovely nuns who run Noddfa. What an ideal setting, A place of Spiritual retreats and a place where Prayer is the Anchor of our Faith.

As with all good times we had our Lunch—we laughed,  we talked,  we prayed and we sought God’s loving embrace.  The words of comfort spoken to heart and mind, Biblical truths we know and trust.  The special time of hearing prayers and questions being answered from the heart!. There is nothing more beautiful than being in a sacred place with God’s people. The whole day was one of prayer —and speaking the precious word of God, of knowing you were in the right place at the right time. The blessings of Mass.


The chapel was our Altar of prayer— we met the Risen Christ in there. The word was spoken and yet felt,  we heard and yet saw, how powerful is the Presence of the loving God,  when His people come together to Worship.—
As the day of discernment moved forward,  He took over things  The  Holy Spirit—took charge plans changed,  words changed, prayers were heard, our hearts were led, and we danced to God’s symphony of love.


Chris Burgess