Shrewsbury Diocese Weekend

Shrewsbury Diocese are holding their weekend from the 12th to 15th October 2017.  Applications are currently being accepted

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January 27th 2017

Please pray for

Mike who is having an operation for bowel cancer.  Please also pray for his wife and family at this difficult time 

 Henry, who has had a biopsy.  His wife had a stroke a few years ago, and he is her carer



Claire and her family

Terry Mortimer and family

Joe Corner who is in hospital

All who have lost loved ones at this time, and all anniversaries occuring at this time

All who have authority

All Cursillistas

All travelling at this time

For those who have no-one to pray for them

Thank you for your prayers for Suzie and her baby.  The baby, Alexandra Anne, is now breathing for herself, and is now facing tests.  Pray also for her family, who have been through so much bringing her into this world.  The Lord heard all our prayers, and brought her tiny life through all the obstacles the hospital staff put in her way.  Please pray for further miracles that Alexandra is allowed to have a normal life, we will pray this day by day

May God bless us and hold us all in the palm of His hand 


Prayer requests can be found on another site.  To visit the site please click here

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Welcome to the new national newsletter for Cursillo in England and Wales

Here we hope to provide information about events around the country, as well as testimonies from Cursillo weekends


January 11th 2017

Dear All,

Happy new year may it be a healthy, spiritual and fruitful 2017.


Prayers are asked for:


Keiran who has just started Chemo


Prayers are asked for by Brother Andrew for Holy Name Parish Primary School who are going though ofsted this week


Please continue to pray for Riley who has to face several operations this year, and for his family who are so loving. He is such a joy and has spent many of his first and second years in surgery. he however never seem to be worried hes a lovely happy little boy and full of mischief.


Suzie’s baby who we have been praying for is to be brought into the world almost a month early so please pray for her and Suzie that all will be well. Right from the start Suzie has been sent on many guilt trips by many professionals and has turned a deaf ear to them all. Let us hope this little girl is born with less difficulties than expected and, if it is God’s will, a beautiful healthy baby.