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Three Pillars of Cursillo
What is Cursillo
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Cursillo and Pope Francis
Welcome to Cursillo






Our Cursillo community exists to help people come to live a fuller life in Christ.


We are a community of lay and religious people who strive by our mission and our daily lives to live a life following the teachings of Jesus Christ.


Our community extends across the UK and is available to all to join and to share in the joys of living the gospel.


How do we reach out to people?


Firstly we have groups established across the UK. We meet together as a community to support each other in developing our lives in Christ.


We meet regularly to provide guidance and support; all are welcome.

On this website


You can find lots of materials to help you in you develop your faith.


If you are considering returning to the faith please do contact us. We would be delighted to reach out to you and support you on your journey.


Cursillo enriches and deepens your relationship with Christ.
Gives you confidence to live as a Christian in your everyday life and attract others to Christ.